Frequently Asked Questions:


1)  Do you provide a written contract? Answer: Yes

2)  Will you personally be the DJ at our wedding? Answer: Me personally, I network with a few other DJ’s in the event if something was to happen to me?  Your going to have a DJ.

3)  How many weddings do you do in a given year? Answer: Approximately 40

4)  Do you act as Emcee and make all the announcements keeping the party moving and involved throughout the night, keeping us on schedule? Answer: Absolutely! 

5)  How extensive is your music selection? Answer: My digital library is over 400,000 files and is continuously updated. Virtually every Pop song from 1955 to date, Every genre including Main stream Pop, Jazz, Big Band, Polkas, Country, Classic Rock, Oldies, Soul, R & B and Hip Hop, Rap. 

6.) How involved can we get in making our music selection? Answer: You may list as many song requests as you like. You may even select the dinner music songs if you like?  I will make sure I have all your music before your event. 


7) Can we have a “Do Not Play” list? Answer: Absolutely I don't want to play a song that you hate or just simply don’t care to hear so I encourage you to let me know what songs NOT to play.   

8)  How would you define your "style" of making announcements? Answer: I am decisive and brief and speak with clarity when it’s formal time. Later on I loosen up and have some fun on the mike when it’s party time! I will always keep the music lively.  If no one is on the dance floor from a song I'm playing it will get replaced fast.


9) Can guests make requests? Answer: Absolutely, after all the formal dances and announcements have been made guests can make requests.  

10)  How do you keep everyone involved? Answer: By knowing what to play and when to play it. Using crowd interaction or trending songs that I list for you and alternate your personal song requests with mine. 


11)  Do you provide any counseling sessions before the wedding to hash out the schedule of events throughout the day? Answer: Yes I meet with every couple for a no obligation consultation of your event wishes. I will offer suggestions and guide you through a most common scenario wedding reception and/or ceremony. This is the time you tell me what your vision is for the day. I believe meeting your DJ is key to knowing if you are comfortable working with me. 

12)  Do you have a set of references that we could contact?  Answer: Yes refer to my Testimonial page or my Facebook business page and scroll down to references. I may ask you to give me a reference on my Facebook page after I finish your event. It's important for me to get those reviews or referrals.  My reputation is always something I value and strive for perfection.  

13)  When do you like to set-up for an event? Answer: I always set up 1 1/2 to 2 hours before guests arrive.  You never pay for my set up or tear down time as that time is on me.


14)  What is your attire for weddings? Answer: Always formal unless you tell me otherwise. 


15)  Are you insured? Answer: Yes 


16)  What kind of equipment do you use? Answer: My equipment is the best in the business.  I have 2 systems, Big system & a small system depending on the size of the room.  I can share more info if requested on my sound equipment. 


17) Do you provide back-up equipment? Answer: Yes, I always bring an extra laptop and hard drive


18)  Do you provide a wireless microphones? Answer: Yes 

19) Is there a deposit required to reserve our date? Answer: Yes the deposit is $100.  This amount is deducted from the total price quote. The balance is usually paid anytime during the day of your event. 


20)  What is your pricing for your Wedding services? Answer: In most cases I charge $495 for a 5 hour event which includes dance floor lighting and any up-lighting for the space.  Travel fees may apply?  Additional time and price packages available upon request Festival of the Heart DJ Service in Lincoln